22nd WFSF World Conference

Jondal, Norway

7th - 10th June 2017

Welcome to the 22nd WFSF World Conference 2017

“There has never been a time more important to focus on the futures of humankind than right now, when our very survival is at stake.”

- Jennifer Gidley, current WFSF President
& Johan Galtung, former WFSF President


In June 2017, it will be fifty years since a handful of forward thinking individuals called the ‘Mankind 2000’ meeting in Oslo, Norway. Johan Galtung was among them. That meeting was a vital step in laying the foundations of the World Futures Studies Federation. But it was much more.

Mankind 2000 put futures research on the global map. And it was a catalyst in shifting the idea of THE one and only future that could be predicted, to buy generic cialis the quantum idea of multiple possible futures that we can create. This was the beginning of pluralistic approaches to futures studies and also geographic diversification.

We invite you to join us at the Hardanger Academy in the beautiful fjord region of Jondal, Norway to celebrate fifty years of creating alternative futures.

Together we will envision, design and work towards creating peaceful, ecological and equitable futures for humankind for the next fifty years and beyond.