22nd WFSF World Conference

Jondal, Norway

7th - 10th June 2017

Accommodation in Jondal

WFSF World Conference participants may stay right on site at the Hardanger Academy or at Jondal Hotel a few minutes walk away. All rooms available on a first-come first-served basis.

Jondal is a village where everything in the centre is within walking distance. We recommend the following options for accommodation depending on your budget.
**For special Conference rates, you must mention HUMANKIND 2050.**


At the Conference Site - The Hardanger Academy

Jondal - Norway

The Hardanger Academy is situated in a traditional four story wooden building. The stately old house, built in 1934, is surrounded by a park.

Jondal - Norway

We encourage as many as possible of our Conference participants to stay at the Academy. Please note the rooms will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. There are 60 beds available and most are in shared rooms of 3 – 6 beds (20 rooms in total). None of the rooms have separate bathrooms, but there are several newly built shared bathrooms on every floor. The standard is sustainable on purpose.

NOTE: The Hardanger Academy is an ideal low cost initiative, we do not have hotel standards. Hence we cannot take credit cards. Payment should be done in advance (by invoice and PayPal or bank transfer) or during the Conference in cash, Norwegian currency. There is an ATM to withdraw cash in the center of Jondal.
Price: NOK 410 per person per night, breakfast included (approx. 46 Euros).
Reservation: Tel. +47 909 62 061


Jondal Hotel []

Jondal - Norway

Jondal Hotel/Motel is 6 minutes walk from the Academy, close to the ferry pier (see map). We have pre-booked 11 double rooms, and 5 apartments available for the Conference participants.

This is a good option if you would like to pay more for accommodation to have a single or double room and private bathroom. Cafeteria with á la carte service.

“To get one of the pre-booked rooms and the special Conference price the “password” is: "HUMANKIND 2050".

Reservation: Tel. + 47 53 66 85 63 - Fax +47 53 66 87 66,
Visit their webpage for prices:


Folgfonn Gjestetun []

Jondal - Norway

Folgefonn Gjestetun has 10 double/single rooms reserved for conference participants. The hostel is situated near Jondal Church, 11 minutes walk from the Academy.

To book one of the reserved rooms, give this “password”: "HUMANKIND 2050".

Reservation: Tel. +47 53 66 80 55 - Fax +47 53 66 80 56,
Visit their webpage for prices:


Hardanger Fjord Lodge []

Jondal - Norway

A Ski & Sail Lodge right downtown Jondal, in the middle of the harbour. The lodge has 7 rooms and hosts up to 17 people at a time. For special requests and arrangements, the lodge can host up to 30 people at a time. Breakfast and a two-course dinner is always included when staying at the lodge. And it's possible to buy snacks, drinks and additional food, such as lunch packages for the daily adventure on site. Towels and sheets are included and they offer sea (fjord) view from almost all windows.

For booking and information, please contact My & Wille at +46 703 83 63 43 or email

**For special Conference rates, you must mention HUMANKIND 2050.**.



Jondal - Norway


Other Accommodation in Jondal

There are a few other places to stay in Jondal a little further away.
Check the following link: