22nd WFSF World Conference

Jondal, Norway

7th - 10th June 2017

Jondal - Norway


Jondal is a village in Norway, near Bergen, overlooking the Hardanger Fjord close to the mountains and the glacier Folgefonna. See red marker on map. This map also shows Gothenburg, Sweden (lower middle) where the Pre-Conference workshop ““Our Biggest Questions About the Future”, is being hosted by WFSF Executive Board member Natalie Dian on 4-5 June. And it shows Turku, Finland (middle right) where the second of the European Summer of Futures Conferences “Futures of a Complex World” is being held at the Finland Futures Research Centre on 12-13 June.

Jondal - Norway


From Bergen International Airport to Jondal
Bergen: Flesland is an international airport and is the closest to Jondal. Many of you will be able to fly to Bergen from a hub in Europe.


WFSF Conference Arrival Service
At the time when most conference participants arrive at Bergen Airport, we will have representatives from the Hardanger Academy meet you in the arrival hall. After the group has been collected, we will take you by shuttle bus and/or private cars for a 2 hours drive to Jondal, which includes a half-hour ferry trip at the end.

**The shuttle bus will leave Flesland Airport on the 6th June at 11:00 am & 6:30 pm**
The return trip times will be decided during the Conference.

Please let the Conference Organiser know about your flights and if you will catch the bus.
Email: Ann Helgedagsrud

NB: If your flights do not connect with the Shuttle bus times, please also let Ann Helgedagsrud know and she will point you to alternative ways to get to Jondal.
Email: Ann Helgedagsrud

From Oslo Airport to Bergen (then Jondal)
Option 1 – Fly to Bergen and follow instructions above

Many long distance international participants will find it more convenient to first fly to Oslo Gardermoen Airport. From there you can take a domestic flight from Oslo Airport, Gardermoen to Bergen Airport: Flesland. This flight is 50 minutes. Then you can take the options from Bergen Airport above.


Option 2 - By Train to Bergen and follow instructions above
Take a 7-hour spectacular train ride across the mountains to Bergen. Train from Oslo Airport to Bergen Railway Station (next to the bus terminal) departs daily at 07:43, 11:13 or 15:03. Departure times may change before June 2017, so please check with the organizer. From Bergen then take the options from Bergen Airport above.


From Oslo Airport directly to Jondal
Option 1 - By Car directly from Oslo to Jondal.

This is about a 6 hour drive.


Option 2 - By Express Bus directly to Jondal Express bus from Oslo: Haukeliekspressen departure 9:45, bus change in Odda, arrival Jondal 17:55. About 7 hours travel.


Jondal - Norway


EMAIL: Anne Helgedagsrud
Conference Logistics
The Hardanger Academy, Norway